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Product certification

Naite adheres to the market positioning of "specialization, quality, and internationalization". PPE products have passed the certification of internationally renowned testing institutions such as TUV, UL, SGS, SAI, INSPEC, ICS, etc., and comply with EU CE standards, American ANSI standards, and German GS standards. Standard, Canadian CSA Standard, Australia/New Zealand AS/NZS Standard.

NTC-1 CE new PPE certificate

European standard certification CE 720836 NTE&NTU

American Standard Certification NTS ANSI Z89.1-201

American Standard Certification NTO UNVENTED (SLID

American Standard Certification NTN ANSI ANSI Z89.

Labeling certification PC-visor-ANSI-Z87.1-2003 -&

National Standard Certification NTB-1 New National

National Standard Certification NTA-A1 New Nationa

Australian Standard Certification SF01.AS266321.SM