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Corporate honor

Nate Company has been recognized as "Zhejiang Province Specialized, Specialized, Special New Small and Medium Enterprises", "Zhejiang Province High-growth Technology Small and Medium Enterprises", "Zhejiang Province Excellent Innovative Enterprises", "Zhejiang Manufacturing" certified enterprises, "NICETY" The registered trademark was identified as "National Labor Insurance Industry Recommended Brand" and "Zhejiang Famous Trademark". The safety helmet product won the "2020 American Professional Tool Innovation Award" and the Honeywell Group's "2020 Excellent Quality Award", enjoying a high reputation at home and abroad.

National standard drafting unit

International Organization for Standardization Head Protection Working Group (ISO/TC94/WG2) expert unit

National High-Tech Enterprise

Member of the Head Protection Branch of the National Personal Protective Equipment Standards Committee (SAC/TC112/SC2)

National Science and Technology Small and Medium Enterprises

The chairman unit of the helmet working group of the National Labor Insurance Industry Expert Committee

National Torch Project Undertaking Unit

National labor insurance industry recommended brand

National Innovation Fund Project Undertaking Unit

High-growth technology-based SMEs in Zhejiang Province

China Aerospace Cooperation Unit

Specialized, Specialized and New Small and Medium Enterprises in Zhejiang Province

Expert Unit of China Safety Production Association

Zhejiang manufactured product word mark certification enterprise

Fortune 500, Fortune 100 - Honeywell awarded "2020 Excellent Quality Award"

60147 model helmet won the "2020 American Professional Tool Innovation Award"

Certificate of High tech Enterprise