Head protection


NTA-H Safety helmet


NTA-A Scrics Working at height safety helmet is made out of high impactresistant ABS material. NTA-H safety helmet is made out of HDPE material. Thishelmet is not only suitable for head protection when Working at height, but alsosuitable for mountaineering, climbing, caving, canyoning, Via Ferrata, andother outdoors protection. They also provide safety protection for the natural disaster emergency rescue.

Pass the -30C extremely low temperature impact test.
Pass the 20000V clectrical insulating test, has good electric insulation performancc.
Excellent performance of high impact resistance and high penetrationresistance.
According to actual needs, can choose air permeability or closed structure.
If needed,can install the reflector, encoding frame, earmuffs and eye shield etc. additional parts.
NTA - P Safety helmet is made out of high temperature resistant PC material and have high temperatureresistance, flame retardant, impact resistance, insulation and other excellent features.This product is suitable to security protection at natural disasters, traffic accidents and emergency rescuc, itcan also be used in steel metallurgy industry and other high temperature opcration environment.